How to copy code using the Silicon Labs Flash Utility.

First, run UtilDLL.exe to install the Flash Utility application (Drivers/Software). Accept all default settings for the installation.
Once the application is installed, connect the USB Debug Adapter hardware to your computer via USB cable. If it asks for any drivers, Windows should be able to find them automatically.

Next, open the Little Phatty by removing the two screws nearest the lower left and right edges of the control panel (screws are located on the side panels). It is often easiest to pull up and out on the lower edge of the control panel to get it loose, then swing the panel open from the top once you can get a grip on the side edges. (Video here)

Before turning on power to the LP, connect the USB JTAG debug adapter to the JTAG header [10-pin socket] on the Little Phatty digital board
(Inside the unit, just above the region of the LCD display).
Now you should turn on the power to the synthesizer.
Next, launch the FlashUtil program on your computer.

Within FlashUtil:

1. Select Connect/Disconnect Tab.

2. Select JTAG Debug Interface.

3. Select USB Debug Adapter.

4. Click the "Connect" button. You should get a message that you are connected. If not, double-check that all connections are correct and the LP is turned on. Make sure that JTAG and USB are selected, on the Connect/Disconnect tab of the SiLabs software.

5. Assuming you're connected, now click the "Download Hex File/Go/Stop" tab. Under "Download Filename" click Browse, and select the file "StageData_v210_576.hex" (or whatever the latest version you have) and click Open.

Select the box next to "Erase all Code Space before download" then click the Download button. When the download is complete, click GO and watch the LP LCD screen. You'll see some data is being copied and verified, then factory restore is performed, and the LP display will stop on the message "data written."

6. OK, once this is done, click the "STOP" button and we will load the second of two files. Under "download filename" again, click "Browse" and this time select "StageSystem_v210_576.hex" and click the Download button. When this download is complete, you are done. Click the GO button and proceed to step 7, below.

7. Assuming everything has gone according to plan, your LP should boot normally. When the LP startup is complete, turn to the SiLabs Flash Utility program and click on the Connect/Disconnect tab; click the Disconnect button. You may now turn off the power to the LP, disconnect the USB Debug Adapter, and close up your synth. The update is complete!

8. Lastly, you will want to perform a Restore Factory operation from the Little Phatty Master menu/ System Utilities. Your Little Phatty should now be re-loaded, factory-fresh and fully functional.